This buildable charm can be worn alone as a necklace or combined with one of our existing styles.  The newest addition to your story. 

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Sapphire Charm Sapphire Gemstone on Figure

Sapphire Gemstone

From $105.00

Garnet Charm Garnet Gemstone laydown

Garnet Gemstone

From $65.00

Citrine Charm Citrine Gemstone laydown

Citrine Gemstone

From $65.00

Blue Topaz Charm Blue Topaz Gemstone laydown

Blue Topaz Gemstone

From $65.00

Diamond Letter Charm J Diamond Letter Necklace Charms 14K Gold

Diamond Letters


Emerald Charm Emerald Gemstone Laydown

Emerald Gemstone

From $105.00

Amethyst Gemstone Charm Cavan Gold Amethyst Gemstone Laydown

Amethyst Gemstone

From $65.00

Diamond Cross Charm Diamond Cross Charm

Diamond Cross Charm

From $115.00

Black Onyx Charm Black Onyx Gemstone laydown

Black Onyx Gemstone

From $65.00

Yellow Citrine Gemstone Yellow Citrine Gemstone Laydown

Yellow Citrine Gemstone


Diamond Hamsa Charm Cavan Gold Diamond Hamsa Charm Sterling Silver

Diamond Hamsa Charm

From $85.00

Diamond Star of David Charm Cavan Gold Diamond Star of David Charm Sterling Silver

Diamond Star of David Charm

From $115.00

Diamond Evil Eye Charm Cavan Gold Diamond Evil Eye Charm Sterling Silver

Diamond Evil Eye Charm

From $85.00

Diamond Numbers Diamond Numbers

Diamond Numbers